Battling the signs of ageing has been going on for centuries, and with facial rejuvenation procedures carried out at Facial Aesthetics by Dr Su Rai, you can bring back and maintain that much sought after smooth complexion and youthful

Over the last decade, Dr Su Rai has held facial aesthetic clinics in Knightsbridge, Kensington and Richmond to name a few. In addition, Dr Rai keeps herself professionally updated in all areas of facial aesthetics so that she can offer her clients the best and most appropriate treatments. Following your initial consultation, Dr Rai will discuss with you what facial rejuvenating options are available to you so that you feel happy and confident before you make any decisions.

Treatments undertaken at Facial Aesthetics by Dr Su Rai include:

Injections of a biological product which relaxes muscles around the target areas.
Facial Fillers in areas where there is notably decreased volume around the lips, nasolabial folds and cheeks.
Chemical Peels to soften superficial wrinkles, even skin tone, treat mild acne and give a more youthful appearance.

Dr Rai is most committed to building up a trusting relationship with her patients. All services are undertaken within our professional yet relaxing environment, where discretion and confidentiality are paramount.

Look to Facial Aesthetics by Dr Su Rai to rejuvenate your skin and bring back and maintain that youthful appearance.