Veneers are a very popular option to improve the general appearance of uneven, disclosure and crooked teeth. There are three stages to the treatment plan:Veneers-Image-Before-After

Firstly a dental examination is performed to see if you are suitable for dental veneers and address any concerns you may have. Under a local anaesthetic, Dr Rai will reshape, and prepare your teeth so that they can be fitted with the veneers.

Secondly, a small portion, approximately the width of the veneer, of the front surface of your teeth will be removed using a specialist tool, so the veneer will sit over the tooth to create a natural look. A mould of your teeth is taken so that a replica of your teeth can be created as guide for fabricating your veneers.

Finally, the dentist will attach your custom made veneers to your teeth and ensure they are fixed securely. The whole process should not cause you any pain or discomfort.