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Your Child’s Diet

Your Child’s Diet

Your diet can affect your teeth and mouth in many different ways, so it is especially important to monitor your child’s diet from early on.

Sugar in the diet is the most important cause of tooth decay. Without sugar in the diet it is virtually impossible for tooth decay to take place; too much sugar is also extremely bad for general health, and has been implicated in causing obesity, heart disease, and even eye problems.

Many authorities believe that a child’s taste for sugar is developed as an infant. Dentists’ children have always had less tooth decay; this is most probably due to a low-sugar diet. Sweet snacks have no useful role in a balanced diet and ideally would be eliminated – however this is usually not possible, particularly in today’s society.

The frequency of sugar consumption is far more important than the amount of sugar consumed. Frequent sugar intake will inevitably cause tooth decay, whereas large amounts of sugar consumed occasionally are probably safe, although not healthy.

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