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Your Child’s First Appointment

Your Child’s First Appointment

We are able to offer kind and gentle treatment under local anaesthetic ABC Dental. We will liaise with other health care professionals as necessary to ensure that appropriate treatment is carried out with a considered view to the child’s future growth and facial development.

We try to make your child’s first dental appointment as relaxed and fun as possible. They will have the chance to explore a new environment and discover exciting facts about their own mouths. A visit to our surgery can be entertaining and enjoyable for children and their parents. Some children may have already met Dr Su Rai at their school, as Dr Rai regularly gives talks about oral hygiene to children attending the local schools.

Dentistry has changed a great deal in the last twenty years. Children can expect to keep all their teeth healthy for the rest of their lives. Most dental diseases are avoidable; though this does depend on excellent supervised mouth care at home and regular visits to the hygienist and dentist who can identify and even reverse early cavities, monitor the growth and development of the face, and advise on prevention and diet.

Ideally your child should first visit us when very young – even as young as one or two years old -and long before there could be any necessity for treatment. This allows plenty of time for him or her to gain confidence and feel completely at ease in the surgery. It also gives us, the dentist and hygienist, the opportunity to ensure that the child starts life with every possible dental advantage.

Over the first few visits your child will be introduced to examination gloves, masks, the mouth mirror, the tooth pointer, the colourful mouthwash and much more, until he or she is familiar with everything in the surgery. If at a later date there is a need for dental treatment, the child will accept it willingly, as by then he or she will feel “at home” in the surgery.

At the first appointment we will investigate past and current medical and dental health and find out about their past experiences with medical and dental practitioners. We will then examine your child and take any necessary radiographs, and plan maintenance and any treatment. This is the ideal time for mum or dad to find out more about the best diet for the long-term health of their child’s teeth, and to obtain accurate advice regarding fluoride supplements and mouth-care at home.

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